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SK-NEIHR Member Database

The nātawihowin and mamawiikikayaahk Research and Mentorship Networks (SK-NEIHR) are a network of researchers, community organizations, community members, and students working in the areas of Indigenous health and wellness in Saskatchewan.

Here you’ll find a database of members in our network searchable by research area. The goal of this database is to facilitate research relationships in Indigenous health, wellness, and community-based research.

If you’d like to connect with a member or organization, please contact our staff at skneihr@usask.ca

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Miranada Keewatin

Peter Turner

University of Regina
Citizen/Member of: James Smith Cree Nation
Primary Research Community: First Nations

Rhianne Yvonne Hosaluk

USASK alumni
rhianne.hosaluk@gmail.com View Website

Robert Henry

Nātawihowin & Mamawiikikayaahk Network
University of Saskatchewan
rob.henry@usask.ca View Website
Citizen/Member of: Métis Nation - Saskatchewan
Primary Research Community: Métis

Roz Kelsey

University of Regina
Primary Research Community: First Nations, Métis

Shelley Kirychuk

University of Saskatchewan

Sonal Kavia

Stacey Lovo

School of Rehabilitative Science
University of Saskatchewan
stacey.lovo@usask.ca View Website
Primary Research Community: First Nations, Métis

Taylor Behn-Tsakoza

Citizen/Member of: First Nations - Fort Nelson First Nation

Thilina Bandara

Tina Alexis

University of Saskatchewan-Student
University of Saskatchewan
Citizen/Member of: First Nations - Ulkatcho First Nation
Primary Research Community: First Nations

Tina Hugo

All Nations Healing Hospital
Primary Research Community: Métis

Val Deschambeault

Citizen/Member of: Cumberland House
Primary Research Community: Métis

Valerie Deschambeault

Citizen/Member of: MN-S Cumberland House

Veronica Santafe Troncoso

University of Calgary
Primary Research Community: International Indigenous (Māori, Sami, etc.)

Walter Smith

Kineepik Metis Local
Citizen/Member of: First Nations - Lac La Ronge Indian Band
Primary Research Community: First Nations, Métis

Wendie Marks

University of Saskatchewan
wendie.marks@usask.ca View Website
Citizen/Member of: Anishinabe of Wauzhushk Onigum

Yvette Sunchild

Citizen/Member of: Thunderchild First Nation
Primary Research Community: First Nations
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Community Partnership Grants

The nātawihowin and mamawiikikayaahk Research Networks (SK-NEIHR) has established Community Partnership Grants—seed funding meant to support researchers and community stakeholders, to develop grant applications to the Tri-Councils and other major research funders, on Indigenous health research. These are planning and development funds, intended to support research proposal development, not funding to undertake research projects.

Funding calls occur in the spring and fall annually.